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Dear visitor!

You have reached the portal It is an information portal that was born as a citizens’ initiative and which mediates neighborhood news and vital info from person to person. has focused on the events and messages about the village community and the environment. Our goal is to become an important channel for all citizens, civic associations and organizations in Estonia.

If you have information about your farm, village, community, society, cooperative homes, residential homes, district, municipality or other activities you want to share with others, send it to us. We welcome press releases, appeals, notices and other information that might be useful and interesting to the fellow citizens around us. is not acting for commercial purposes. We mediate the commercial messages but reserve the right to decide whether it suits with the purposes and principles of our portal.

NGO Estonian Civic Journalism Society, the creator of, is happy to receive both donations and any other support that contributes to the promotion of civic journalism. NGO’s bank account number is IBAN: EE072200221050235837 (Swedbank).

Any thoughts that help us to develop and enhance the portal are welcome!

Thank you for your interest in our portal! news in English:

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Live broadcasting – Fishing competition at Plaani, Estonia (17.06.2011)